Wound Care Services

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About Wound Care Services

From minor scrapes to serious cuts and sores, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. When the natural healing process is stressed, however, a simple sore can become a complex medical problem requiring specialized care. Advanced technology and dedicated, expert physicians are essential for treating non-healing wounds. You’ll benefit from an integrated approach to wound care provided by a team of specialists. Our program is completely devoted to healing problem wounds and helping you resume the normal activities of daily life.

Why Choose Us

At MedStar Health, we offer the latest healing techniques and state-of-the-art facilities for wound care. Our wound care specialists have extensive experience with the most advanced treatment options available for healing wounds.

As an academic medical center, we have a constant focus on delivering the best possible care. We have a research team dedicated to finding new effective treatments for non-healing wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, and other debilitating problems. Through research and collaboration with multiple departments, we are equipped to handle the most complex cases referred by clinicians and other hospitals.

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