Podiatric Surgery

Helping you get back on your feet.

About Podiatric Surgery

When you have a foot problem, you want a solution for relieving the pain and getting back on your feet. A podiatric surgeon can perform surgery to correct foot and ankle injuries, bone spurs, neuromas (pinched nerves) and other problems. Whether dealing with a nagging sports injury or a debilitating foot deformity, we can help you return to normal activities.

Why Choose Us

Since conditions of the foot and ankle are often related to other chronic health problems, we collaborate with specialists from other departments for a team approach. Our podiatric surgeons are among the best in the country, specializing in lower-extremity surgery. They have advanced fellowship training in foot and ankle surgery and perform 1,500 procedures every year. You can be confident in choosing a surgical team with a track record for handling complex cases and helping every patient achieve the best possible results.

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