Symmastia Repair Overview

Symmastia is a rare but serious complication that occurs when your breast implants shift out of place and drift toward the center of your chest. Cleavage may look like a web of skin, fat, or other tissue between your breasts.

Symmastia is often caused by oversized implants or a breast pocket that’s too large. While symptoms are typically cosmetic, the condition can cause pain or discomfort for some women.

It’s important to consult with a surgeon as soon as possible after your surgery when you notice symptoms. As implants continue to shift, the condition can become harder to correct.

How Is Symmatia Repaired?

The technique your surgeon uses will vary depending on the position of your implants and how the tissues have healed. Your surgeon will talk with you about why the condition has occurred and how he or she would approach corrective surgery.

In general, the procedure will likely involve removing scar tissue, repairing the pocket where breast implants are placed, and repositioning or replacing the implant itself. Your surgeon may use internal sutures or a biological mesh to help hold implants in the corrected position.

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