Correction of Malposition Overview

If you’ve noticed your breasts are in a poor position following a breast augmentation—perhaps too far apart, asymmetrical, or too close together—the issue may lie with the implant pockets created during your original breast augmentation. The pockets where the implants are placed may be positioned incorrectly or may be too large, in which case the implant may not be centered within the pocket. In other cases, implant positioning may shift due to scar tissue formation or skin and tissue that stretches during healing, causing the implant to move out of place.

How Is Malposition Corrected?

The technique your surgeon uses may vary depending on the reason for the implant’s current positioning. Your surgeon will talk with you about why the condition has occurred and how he or she would approach corrective surgery.

In general, your surgeon will likely remove scar tissue and reconstruct, or reposition the implant pocket, and then reposition or replace the implant itself. Internal sutures or biological mesh material may be used to help support the implant in the corrected position. In some cases, a breast lift may be part of the revision procedure.

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