Capsular Contracture Overview

Capsular contracture develops when excessive scar tissue forms and tightens around the breast implant, causing it to become full, hard, and possibly misshapen and distorted. Your breasts may feel stiff and painful. While the condition can happen at any time, it often begins in the months following your original breast augmentation. When it occurs years later, it may be a sign of implant rupture.

At MedStar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we take steps to help prevent capsular contracture when performing breast augmentations by minimizing the risks of infection and bleeding. If your breasts feel firmer and appear to be becoming more rounded or moving higher on your chest, consult with a MedStar Health surgeon.

How Is Capsular Contracture Repaired?

In some cases, nonsurgical treatment may prevent the condition from progressing. In more severe cases, revision surgery is used to release the tightened capsule.

During surgery, the breast pocket is opened, and scar tissue is either cut or removed, and the implant replaced. Your surgeon may also suggest using a biological mesh-like strattice to help prevent the condition from recurring. Your surgeon will discuss with you the approach that he or she recommends.

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